Saturday, July 11, 2015

Valentino Tase on a Cheap Pasta Budget

     Fashion Week has been going on throughout Italy, and I've been slightly sad that we were unable to make it to Milan for various reasons. However, while scrolling through Instagram about a week ago, I noticed that one of Valentino's posts was in Rome, and it was vaguely talking about their upcoming fashion show. This post stuck in my mind for a couple of days, so I decided to research where their Haute Couture fashion show would be. It turns out, Valentino was set to have their show at the beautiful Piazza Mignanelli, right in front of the Valentino store in Rome (and the Spanish Steps). I knew we had to find a way to go, but I wasn't sure how likely it would be since Valentino is basically the Pope of Italian fashion (I think I'm allowed to say that?). Anyways, fast forward to Thursday, and I was still determined to find a way in. Of course, Nik instantly got on board, so off to Valentino we went.
     We arrived on the scene two hours early to scope out our options. We were hoping people would magically like our outfits so much that they would let us in, but that was definitely just a fantasy. Lucky for us, we didn't have to go to extreme measures. We couldn't even if we wanted to because there was such tight security and even some military guards. It turned out that there was a small section left open for the public to see the show, and since we arrived so early, we got to take our pick on which spot we wanted. Since we arrived so early, we were also able to watch a team of workers build the stage. This was a very cool process to watch because they had to work with the uneven streets of Rome to build a stage that people could walk on in expensive shoes. While we waited, Nik went and got us some 4 euro pastas from a place down the street that makes their own pasta in house. Remember when I said I needed cheap places to eat after the sale? I wasn't kidding.
     Our spot couldn't have been more perfect for the show. We got to watch all of the guests arrive in their gorgeous outfits, and we were able to see Valentino himself arrive at the show. The show itself almost brought me to tears because the gowns were so beautiful and extravagant. I focused more on taking a video of the show, so my pictures aren't the greatest, but I will cherish my video forever. It was so unexpected that we would actually get to see the full show up close. The whole show lasted around 20 minutes (there were more looks than I expected), but the hours of waiting were one hundred percent worth it. I loved seeing the passion that regular Italian people have for Valentino. As he entered the show, people were waving and screaming with joy that they were able to see him up close. The show was actually inspired by ancient Rome. There was a lot of black and gold in his gowns, but Valentino still managed to incorporate his signature red into about half of the looks very seamlessly. This show was honestly one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had, and I will never forget that we were able to attend a Valentino Haute Couture show in Rome.

Beautiful black gown on the runway.

Leaving the show after it ended.


  1. The level of jealousy I have right now is insane. I have been stalking in all of my classes wishing I could be in Paris so I completely understand your determination to see the show. I have another friend who walked the venue of the Chanel show in Paris. So many great memories for you guys! I have been without wifi for the last 5 days so I am now gonna go check out Valentino's show online and just pretend I was there to see it in person with you guys. Pasta and Valentino, how much better can it get?

  2. I AM SO JEALOUS! This is so cool and I'm sure will be one of the highlights of your trip! We were in Paris last week with our program and I wish we had the confidence to just go to the show and try to get tickets. The images from the show are so beautiful so I think I would faint seeing them in person. It sounds like you are more then making the most out of the time you have in Rome!!