Monday, July 13, 2015

The City That Stuns | Prague [2]

I have officially been in Prague for one week and can easily say it is the most convenient, authentic, and stunning place I have ever visited. From the public transit system to the food to the sites, Prague is a true masterpiece.

On a class field trip last week, I was able to visit St. George's Basilica and St. Vitus Cathedral, which are big tourist attractions in the city, located near the Palace. Even though we visited on a gloomy day, the cathedral still had the most amazing glow from the stain glass windows. It was a truly breathtaking experience and one I think every tourist to Prague should definitely encounter for themselves.

While exploring the city, I also spotted a few sculptures by the Czech artist David Cerny. They are scattered through out the city and make walking from street to street even more lively and meaningful. I spotted two I really enjoyed. The first is a hanging sculpture. It is suspended in the interior of a building and is massive in scale in relation to its surroundings. It is a satirical depiction of a man riding upside down on a horse. 

The next Cerny work is a fountain of two men peeing. They actually move and used to be able to spell out words into the water via text message. Even though that aspect of the artwork no longer functions, it is still a cool piece to see in person.

As for food, I've been to a few really cool cafes. For being such a meat and starch based country, the menus at restaurants are surprisingly diverse and feature cool and different meals. I have been eating lots of soups and even found a place that makes amazing omelets. My tastebuds could not be happier. Most of the cafes and bistros also feature very minimalistic and clean decor, which I really admire.

There is so much to see and I cannot wait to keep exploring the tiny, cobblestone streets of my new home. 

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  1. I'm so excited to come to Prague this weekend!! My friends and I have been doing a lot of research so we know what to see. Sadly it's going to be 90/95 degrees while we're there so let's hope I don't melt. I cannot wait to see you! Looks like you're having a blast. You'll have to tell me your favorite spots!