Thursday, July 30, 2015

Art Scene: London

Week one in London has been greater than I ever expected. Coming from Dublin, London is a complete change of pace that is definitely more my speed. My mission upon coming here was to visit museums, find the best shops, and of course be a complete tourist. For this week I must talk about the amazing art that I have found this far.

One | V&A Museum
The Victoria & Albert Museum was of course on my list of to-do's. While the whole museum was great, and I already have plans to go back, there was an open exhibit called What is Luxury? that I found amazing. It brings up a cool point that luxury is different for every person. While for me its handbags and shoes, for some its a well crafted piece of furniture, which will bring me to my next favorite exhibit.

Two | Alexander McQueen Exhibit
Amongst most fashionistas, this exhibit was probably my favorite. I won't go into details on my love for McQueen and how I think he is, or unfortunately was, one of the world's most talented and creative designers, I'll just talk about how well designed this exhibit was. At first, it was as ordinary as other fashion exhibits I have seen, but as I moved through the different galleries I was actually speechless in viewing some of his pieces. If it wasn't for the crazy crowd of tourists inside, I would have probably stayed for hours. Also, I got yelled at for taking photos, so the photo below is literally the most boring part of the gallery, so the rest will be up to your imaginations.

Three | Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel
The most amazing street art. Literally, crazy. This underground tunnel is a designated and encouraged spot for street artists to use as a canvas, which we were told is a common thing in certain areas of the city. My new goal is to find more places like this, and to venture away from the museums with crazy tourists (like myself). Definitely a must see for anyone who travels to London!

The art scene here is like no other and I might have to designate another blog post to talk about it so stay tuned!!

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  1. This is a great post! Love that you are seeing more than just the busy tourist areas. As someone who really enjoys walking through museums or finding cool street art, I would love to see another post about this. I also recommend the graffiti tour they do in Shortridge. It is beyond amazing!