Monday, July 20, 2015

The City That Stuns | Prague [3]

My second week in Prague proved even more exciting than the first. Now that I am much more comfortable and accustomed to the city, I have been challenging myself to check out different places and vacate from the heavily tourist populated areas.

During the week, I went on a ton of field trips for my classes. We went around to a few churches and I was stunned by the scale and ornamentation of them. I have seen so many churches since arriving in this city, but they are all so beautiful and different.

I have also seen some really cool architecture the past few days. Since I am taking two architecture classes during my stay in Prague, I have been really into checking out different buildings and identifying styles. I thought the building below was structurally very interesting. It is a beautiful greenhouse called the Orangery and sits alone near a palace. 

On Friday, a group of us took a trip to Kunta Hora to see a church made out of bones and go on a nice hike through the forest. The bone church was incredible. The entire interior was decorated with bones of people who died of the plague. It was definitely a creepy experience, but super interesting at the same time. Then we drove a little further and headed to a stunning hiking trail. The hike was incredibly beautiful and it was so much fun being surrounded by nature rather than walking down a city sidewalk.

Lastly, on Saturday, a few friends and I decided to venture outside of the city limits again to an abandoned high dive near a huge river. We found a spot right below the dives and picnicked there the entire day. We met some locals who spoke a bit of English and drank wine with them as we swam in the water. It was sunny and the water was incredibly refreshing and clean. I was in the water so long, my fingers started to look like prunes! That simple trip has definitely been the highlight of my time in Prague so far. Being surrounded by great people in a beautiful place is such an incredible experience. I definitely want to try to get back there for another visit before I leave Prague.

I can safely say I do not want to leave this city anytime soon. 

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