Monday, July 27, 2015

The City That Stuns | Prague [4]

This past weekend, I was the only person from my program to stay in Prague. Tons of people ventured off to Vienna, Rome, and London, but I decided to save some money and stay in the beautiful city I have called home for the past three weeks. While, I wasn't able to go to clubs at night or go dancing, I managed to have a great time exploring the city and uncovering different areas. All in all, my weekend consisted of eating and walking, but that is never anything to complain about.

On Thursday night I decided to go see The Dancing House in person. It is a beautiful deconstructivist building along the Vltava River. It was built after communism fell in the Czech Republic, acting as a sign of freedom and expression. I had researched the building prior to coming to Prague and was so happy to be able to admire it in person for the first time.

I was very excited to visit the Dali and Warhol museum in Old Town Square on Friday.  The museum was relatively empty and the quiet atmosphere made for a much more enjoyable experience. I wandered from floor to floor, taking in the quirky artwork for about two hours. There was so much to see and I was happy to be able to take it all in alone.

I also managed to eat at some really quaint, local restaurants and cafes. One meal I had was hummus and bread with a small salad. It was the first time I saw hummus on a menu since arriving here, so I had to check it out. I got beet hummus with special rye bread and it was fantastic. I also had a great quiche for brunch one day. It had fennel and goat cheese and was the perfect serving size. The food here has yet to disappoint me!

Lastly, I visited Kampa Museum, which houses work from Czech artists. The building itself was incredibly cool, with various sculptures in the stairwells and lining the courtyard outside. The artwork inside was also visually pleasing. The best part was the roof. There were mirrors on the perimeter of the building, reflecting the sunlight in a stunning way. It also created beautiful shadows. I took this picture of the clouds because it reminded me of a heart.

While my weekend alone was pretty magical, it is great to have my friends back. I was getting a little sad only communicating with waiters and waitresses. This week should be fantastic because the weather is finally cooling down. I will keep you posted, of course. 

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  1. Sometimes a quiet weekend alone can be so much fun! I found that my trip to Rome was filled with constant activity, so taking a couple days off must have been kind of nice. Your picture of The Dancing House really caught my eye- I have never heard of it and your picture is so cool! I'm not a huge architecture person, but I love when buildings make you wonder how they were even made in the first place. Your post is making me wish I took a weekend to visit Prague!