Thursday, July 9, 2015

Parisian Luxury - A New Perspective

This is the week our program started to get deep into our curriculum. One of my favorite classes this term is Luxury Marketing. It is like the other Design and Merchandising classes we all have taken before. This week we were all assigned to get into groups of two and to choose one Parisian luxury brand. My partner, who also happens to be my roommate, and I decided to analyze Viktor & Rolf. I was familiar with Viktor & Rolf before we started this course. I have always loved its integration of fashion as an art form. It's avant-garde, unconventional, and unexpected when it comes to the typical Parisian luxury brand. To start our assignment, we were advised to go see Viktor & Rolf's flagship. IT.... WAS..... AMAZING! It was such a cool experience that I wanted to share it with the rest of you.

Walking into Viktor & Rolf was like walking into the future. All of the walls, floors, and even the ceiling was covered in some sort of a black felt material. The product that lined the walls really stood out against the black walls.

Everything in the store is so organized and beautifully merchandised. The top floor consists of perfume and accessories. The product on this floor was merchandised by category. There is a section for perfume and cologne, handbags, jewelry, etc. On the lower level, the product is merchandised by coordinates. 

This is not like any other Parisian Luxury boutique. Viktor & Rolf is where glamour meets rebellion. After seeing what Viktor & Rolf had to offer, I am now curious to see what other luxury brands look like, in terms of store design.  If anyone decides to take a trip to Paris, I highly recommend people to check out luxury stores just to see how beautifully they are designed. This is nothing like anything I have ever seen in the States.

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  1. I was also actually in this store, as I walked in I could not believe how well it was merchandised and how incredible the interior design was. I too felt like I was in another world, similar as to how you said it took you into the future.

    They definitely did a great job incorporating the two, fashion and art. I loved the theme of the store and how the whole store displayed that theme. The material inside the store was not only on the walls but the floor, chairs, and display cases.

    Although we are taking different classes I love how they are somewhat similar and the topics overlap. I also have been to a bunch of fashion houses in the past two weeks and would definitely recommend the experience to students in the near future!