Wednesday, July 1, 2015

First Week In Paris

As we landed in Munich, Germany where we had a layover before arriving in Paris, I looked out the window and couldn't believe I was no longer in the US.  Having never been to Europe before, I had no idea what to expect. However, one thing that came as a shock was finding out that our luggage was still in Philadelphia once we had arrived in Paris.  Trying to work with what we had and make the best out of the situation since here we were in PARIS, we spent the next couple of days exploring!

Views from our apartment 

First stop was the Eiffel Tower where to hopped on a bus tour and went all throughout the city of Paris.  The tour stopped at Champs Elysees where we saw the Arc de Triomphe, grabbed a bit to eat and shopped on one of the nicest streets in Paris.

The next day we went to Galleries Lafayette where I could not believe my eyes when I had walked through those doors.  Every designer and brand was all right in front of me! It was not like any ordinary mall we have in the US, it was totally different.  We only made it to half the floors during the 3 hours we spent in there, so looks like we'll have to return very soon to finish the rest!

Another part of Paris that I quickly fell in love with was all the food.  On our first night here we walked down the streets surrounding our apartment and could not believe all the choices we had. Restaurants and bakeries one after the other.  Although I have not tried anything crazy yet I am really looking forward to trying all the different foods Paris has to offer!

Amazing bakeries at every corner 

Amorino Gelato 

After six days of being here we are still without luggage but who needs that when you are in a beautiful city that has an endless amount of stuff to offer!

 La Seine River 

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  1. So sorry about your luggage situation! That is no way to start a trip, but I am glad you're being so optimistic about everything. It seems like you've done so much already! The Galleries Lafayette looks absolutely amazing. Definitely make a second round and post some more pictures later.