Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Next Stop

Another weekend, another European city! This past weekend I went to Amsterdam with my 4 friends that I have been traveling with while here plus one of our friends who is Co-oping in Dublin. Amsterdam decided to give us a special gift and rain the ENTIRE time we were there… and when I say rain I mean pour. Olivia’s cousin lives in the city so we all met up with her for dinner one night and she said Saturday’s rain was the heaviest it had rained in 10 years. Needless to say it was a little difficult to see a lot of the city on Saturday, especially after we were drenched in water and freezing. The umbrella I thought I was so smart to pack did not help at all.
Thankfully the bad weather held off for an enough time on Sunday that we could do the typical tourist boat tour of the city which was beautiful. It really was the best way to see the city and as we drove through the canal we even found a restaurant on the canal to go back to for dinner. However after the boat tour it was back to rain so naturally we took cover in a cheese museum. Yes a museum dedicated only to cheese made in the Netherlands. I love cheese so this was like a dream come true. Especially considering the fact that you can purchase your favorite so I currently have a piece of Amsterdam sitting in the fridge.

One part of our time spent there that was both a low point and a high was going to the Anne Frank House. We had all heard that the line was always a super long wait since we weren’t able to get tickets in advance so we made big plans to get up early and get there by 8:30am but a combination of going out the night before with friends and then oversleeping meant we didn’t get there until 11:30am. By then the line was a 3-hour wait with on and off pouring rain the whole time-the low point. The wait was worth it though as the house and the artifacts in it were put together really well and really gave you a feeling of what it was like. It is defiantly a must see even if you are like us and are forced to wait online!
One of the only photos from the trip during one of the only non raining moments

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