Friday, July 3, 2015

New Beginnings

These first two weeks in London have been a whirlwind. From getting used to a new city and public transportation system to new classes and teachers, there have been so many changes it’s hard to know what to focus on. One of my favorite parts of getting to know London has been exploring the area that we live in. Our apartment, or flat as it is called here, is in South Kensington just a short walk from Kensington Palace and Hyde Park. It is a great area of the city with a lot of different restaurants and shops. We are also really close to the tube station, which makes it super easy to get everywhere in the city. On our first day of classes our professors told us that London is the easiest city to get around in and they were right! The number of signs everywhere makes it impossible to go the wrong way, making it really easy to get used to everything,
We have already gotten the chance to try a handful of restaurants and they have been so good! While English food isn’t really special or particularity good, they are very good at embracing other cultures and their food. In the two weeks that we have been here we have already had food from so many different places around the world. One of my favorite places that we have been to is just at the end of our street. They have authentic Italian sandwiches, antipastos, deserts and so much more. It is so fresh and a great place to go to grab food on the way back from class. We also had amazing Belgian waffles from a place in our neighborhood as well as a lot of other good food from around the city. 
While not close to our neighborhood, we also went to Borough Market last week and they had a million different stands to get food from. Some of it was too take home and cook later but they also had a lot of options to eat while you were walking around the market. We all decided to have grilled cheese for lunch because we had heard it was the best in the city. I never thought my opinion of such a simple food would change. The stand we got it from used very unique cheese that made it have a really different flavor. We also had cookies as big as our heads and a million little samples of every food you could imagine. There were so many different places to get food from that we couldn’t eat everything in one day and will defiantly be back! I can’t wait to continue finding new places to eat all around the city!
Belgian Waffle and ice cream from a small stand by our flat

Simple looking but hands down the best grilled cheese ever!

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