Thursday, July 23, 2015

Czech Surprises

Last weekend was another one for traveling. I went to Prague with 4 of my friends who are studying in London and we were all so happy with our decision to go! Prior to going we really had no idea of what to expect however we had heard so many good things about the city that we knew we had to go!
            Not knowing anything about the London when we booked our flights, we of course chose the farthest airport to leave from at 6:15am. Once finally planning the week of the trip we realized we needed to leave at 3am in order to get there on time…a rough beginning to the trip but never the less worth it.
After dropping our bags at the apartment we were staying at we headed out for lunch at a place recommended by friends. It was about 95 degrees out and after walking up a mountain in the middle of the city we were all dying. We were rewarded with a beautiful view of the city and amazing food. Plus there was a wedding taking place as we ate… Lunch and a show! After lunch we found the John Lennon wall, one of the few things we knew we had to do while there. We all agreed one of the best parts of the wall was the performer in from of it because he sounded exactly like Lennon.
Finding the Philly LOVE sign at the John Lennon wall!

The next two days were full of exploring the city and food. Highlights include a boat tour, a traditional Czech dessert called a chimney and stumbling upon a great designer discount store. I never thought Prague would have great shopping, and while compared to Paris and London there weren’t as many stores however the one we did find was great. It was full of designer clothing all being sold at a discount. While some of the clothing was a little out there for my taste the store had TONS of different scarves and I got an Alexander McQueen scarf for a great price. I had been wanting to get something special to remember my time abroad by and it defiantly fulfilled that desire.

I went from knowing nothing about Prague to loving the city in the three short days that we were there and I’m sure everyone I was traveling with would say the same thing!
From left to right: Julia, Ashley, me, Jackie and Olivia with Prague behind us!

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  1. So glad you guys had fun! I was happy to be see you, even if it was just for a little. Do you remember what the store was called? I've been dying for some good shopping since getting to Prague. Hope the rest of your travels are amazing!