Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Field trips and fun

Every new day comes another exciting field trip to look forward to! Last week, one of our field trips was to Musee de la Contrefacon which is a museum of counterfeiting.  I found it very interesting that there is an enormous amount of products constantly being counterfeited. Not only are they being replicated into fake versions, but those new fake versions can be very dangerous to a customer of the product.  These products go anywhere from fake designer purses to cosmetics, Barbie dolls and phone batteries.  Many of the materials used are not safe for human use. There can be poisonous chemicals that could potentially be very threatening to the user.  I was never fully aware of how dangerous and illegal these products are, after seeing the museum my knowledge for this topic greatly increased and I found the trip very interesting.

The following day we took a trip to Ralph Lauren and Sonia Rykiel and toured both places to get a better feel of their branding and visual merchandising.  The displays in both these houses were incredible.  With every new room you entered in Ralph Lauren you witnessed a new theme.  As we walked into Sonia Rykiel I was amazed.  I had asked the door man about their display since it was so remarkable.  The walls were covered with books,  I had never seen a display like this.  The cases were incorporated into the bookshelves which really drew me in.

After an exciting week of visits, I had even more planned ahead of me for the weekend.  On Saturday we spent the day at Versailles.  We walked around the Chateau and explored the gardens.  After spending some time in the gardens we decided to rent a boat on the water, however, that was a huge fail.  We spent more time trying to figure out how to row the boat than we did actually moving.  At night we took a boat cruise down the Seine River which was beautiful.  You get to see completely different views that you wouldn't see by just walking down the street.  Lastly, on Sunday we went to the Louvre.  Although it took us forever, we had finally found the Mona Lisa.  Following that I finally had my first Laduree experience and let me tell you it was amazing! I insisted on Laduree being the first macaron that I try and it was definitely worth the wait. 


After a long weekend we still had Bastille Day to celebrate.  From the Firemen's Ball to the fireworks at the Eiffel Tower, this holiday was something I was so happy I got to be a part of! 

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