Friday, July 3, 2015


It's been horribly hot in London this past week. It got up to 95 degrees one day! It's terrible because we have no AC in our flat so it has been extremely hot in our flat. Most buildings, restaurants and even some of our classrooms in London don't have AC either. It's been absolutely dreadful sleeping at night because all we have is a fan. Luckily, today wasn't too hot and the forecast says the temperature should go down this weekend. Besides from the heat, I've been doing a ton of sightseeing. One day we went to Borough Market, which is an amazing food market. There are so many options that you don't know what to choose from so you've just got to try it all. There are tons of free samples! We must have tried 20 different types of cheeses. For my main meal I got the best grilled cheese I've ever had! It was gooey, crunchy and absolutely delicious! I also got an oyster from a fish market because it reminded me of my summers eating oysters in Nantucket, Massachusetts. There were so many options that it was difficult to choose what I wanted for my main meal, so I'm definitely going to go back.

After Borough Market, we walked to London Bridge and the Tower of London. Overlooking the Tower of London is a bar and cafe called, London Riviera. We got a fruity and refreshing cocktail and relaxed by the Tower of London. Across the water is The Globe Theater, which I haven't been to yet but plan on going to in the future. After our drinks, we walked on Tower of London and went over to the other side of the bridge and walked around the area.

That night my friend Madison, who is interning in Paris, came for the weekend. That night we went to the tallest building in London called, The Shard. The Shard is an 87-story all glass skyscraper. Madison and I went to the Aqua Shard, which is a bar and restaurant on the 32 floor. It's an absolutely spectacular view! You see all of London. Many people we've met on our trip that live in London say it's a better view than The London Eye. The Shard is expensive but definitely worth it for the view! Madison and I had a cocktail at the bar and chatted while looking out at the amazing view. My family is coming this weekend so I'm excited to take them to The Shard. My Mom is afraid of height so I don't think she'll love it but I know my Dad and my brother will thinks it's awesome. I'm excited for my family to visit and to explore London with them!

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  1. The Borough Market looks incredible. Your picture is making me crave a good grilled cheese- I'll have to search to see if I can find one in Italy! The Aqua Shard look like so much fun! I bet the cocktails were almost as good as the view!! I hope your family enjoys it when they visit!