Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Since I have been in London I have been able to travel so easily throughout Europe. One of the best things about being in Europe is that once you are here it is so easy and inexpensive to travel to other places in Europe. The flights are significantly less expensive than if you were to travel to these places from the United States. I had the opportunity to travel to Paris and Amsterdam. I was also able to travel to the countryside of the United Kingdom and visit the Windsor Castle, the city of Bath, Brighton and Stonehenge (one of the seven wonders of the world). The landscape in the countryside of London is so unexpected considering we live in London which is such a busy city. The landscape is breathtaking and  goes on for miles of hills and plains that are beautiful and is a good break from the busy fast paced lifestyle in London. Also some of my flatmates have traveled to Italy, Dublin, Barcelona, Ibiza, Monaco and many other places. Studying abroad is amazing for the fact that you get to live somewhere abroad for one-six months and have the ability to travel so easily to other cities and countries as well.



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  1. Any one needs to trip Europe to see the heaven on the Earth. London, Paris, Rome, Geneva are the cities in Europe which are to be explores to see the culture, art, heritage, historic events. To have a diet of delightful cuisines, make a visit to Europe.