Monday, August 25, 2014

Shopping in London

Of course coming to London as fashion majors we were all overly excited to start shopping on the "high streets" of London. London is known as one of the fashion capitals of the world next to New York City, Paris and many more. We had only heard about how amazing the shopping was and could not wait to check it out and make purchases to add to our American wardrobes. One of my favorite destinations to shop was Oxford High Street. Although many Londoners do not enjoy this high street due to its high volume of people, especially tourists, I loved the busy crowds and the "three-story" stores. Some stores that I enjoyed the most were ones that are not from America. River Island and Harrods were two of my favorites. River Island is more of a fast fashion retailer where Harrods is a luxury department store with a food court and afternoon tea. Along with Harrods, there are other main luxury department stores that you have to see when living in London. Selfridges, Liberty's, and Harvey Nichols are also great destinations for luxury fashion and high end designers. Even if you are not wanting to buy clothes at the high end prices, it is amazing to walk through these stores and look at the amazing designs of big name designers. Top Shop in London is the place we went to find whatever we needed. In the TopShop on Oxford Street you could get lost for hours in the four-story building. You wouldn't mind getting lost due to the Cafe, Bubble tea stand, Cupcake Stand, Hair Salon, Eyebrow Waxing Salon, and so many more. The clothes offered in this Top Shop ranged from Top Shop's own collections as well as collections from young up and coming designers. These are one of a kind pieces that can not be found everywhere. Top Shop sponsors the designers and sells their clothing for them. The collections as so unique and its so exciting to know that you are helping out a new designer. Overall the shopping experience in London is made more into a destination than just a stop in and grab one item experience. The stores in London make the shopping experience a lot more exciting and fun. Who doesn't want to drink bubble tea while shopping or take a quick break for a cup cake?

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