Monday, August 25, 2014

London inspires Change

When coming to London one of the first things the director of our program at London College of Fashion told us was to be different and unique and try new things. She talked particularly about changing our hair and trying new crazy things with makeup and clothing. I personally have had the same long blonde hair my whole life. I wanted to take her advice and try something new but I was nervous. After being in London and experiencing all of the unique and crazy styles of the people hair  I decided I would try something new. I didn't go for pink or blue like some of my classmates did but I decided to try a darker blonde look with brown roots. I love it and everyone loves the new change and the new look that they have never seen from me before. Hair in the UK is like fashion. It is always changing and staying up to date with the hottest styles. Toni and Guy, and Aveda are two particular salons that have training institutes. At these schools the stylists that are learning from the experienced colorists and stylists in the industry, need models to practice on. You can go in any day of the week and ask to be a model. If they do not have any space available at that time they will provide an appointment for you and you can go back at a better time that works for them and you. At these schools you can get color, or cuts depending on what you want. You will have a brief discussion with the training stylist and with the teacher and they will do you hair for free, in exchange for being there model and letting them do your hair. A lot of times they like to do crazy and fun cuts and colors but if you want something natural they love to do that as well.

I chose to go to Toni and Guy salon in Sloane Square. This particular Toni and Guy salon is not a school but the original Toni and Guy salon that Toni and Guy creator and and CEO, Toni Mascolo still works and takes appointments today. The salon is full of amazing hair stylists that specialize in cut and color. I recommend anyone studying in London for a long period of time to take a chance and do something fun with your hair while you are in London and try something new. You can always dye it back before you go home!



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