Friday, August 29, 2014

London Pride Parade

I have never been to a Pride Parade before, I was made aware that the London Pride Parade was approaching and I decided it would be fun to attend my first Pride Parade in London. On the day of the parade it was raining really hard so I thought not that many people would attend; to my surprise the streets were filled. Community organizations, campaigners, charities, police academies and individuals participated in the parade. 

The parade was so colorful and lively and the crowd was enthusiastic and cheerful.  I think the rain emphasized the support of the audience for the occasion. I was touched by the smiles on the faces of people as they marched the parade; it was their moment to shine. They all loved the attention and loved stopping for pictures. 

Many of them dressed in exotic colorful costumes, some as famous people. I captured pictures of princesses, Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth.  When the parade was ending I tried to exit with my friends and somehow ended up walking in the parade! The parade was so fun to attend; I will always remember my first Pride Parade was in London. 

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