Monday, August 25, 2014

Fashion Visuals- London College of Fashion

During my time at the London College of Fashion we took a class entitled Fashion Visuals. In this class we learned about the importance of visuals in fashion and how to relate images that were completely unrelated. We were given freedom to take images from anywhere and across all spectrums of themes and create mood boards. We were allowed to use themes of color, contrast, line, texture, shape etc. I liked this class a lot because in any job you have or whatever department in the fashion industry that you work in, you will have to be working with visuals and a lot of times with mood boards to present your ideas and your plan. This class gave us the opportunity to really define our skills and make successful images to put in our portfolio. This class is not offered at Drexel and allowed us to improve our skills with visuals which some Design and Merchandising students are not as good at. Fashion Visuals was a fun class and allowed us to work with images that inspired us and give us a break from traditional written projects and presentations!

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