Friday, August 29, 2014

Drexel Pride

Drexel’s term curriculum and its talented faculty have trained us Drexel students to be extremely skillful. We do not realize how much we outshine students from other schools until we are directly compared to them.

During our summer program at London College of Fashion, we had classes with students from all over the world. Even though they all majored in Fashion Merchandising or Design and Merchandising, it was clear that Drexel students were the most informed and the best prepared for any of the classes. I now appreciate Drexel’s Design and Merchandising program even more. Aside from taking classes within our program, the classes we are required to take outside of our major really played a significant role in my experience at London College of Fashion.  For example, the marketing classes I took at Drexel really prepared me well for the Fashion Entrepreneurship and Fashion Business Product Development classes I took at London College of Fashion.  Without a doubt, classes we took within our program such as Analysis of Product also prepared us well for those classes.
Drexel’s program has also trained us to be strong writers; therefore we all performed well in our Fashion Media class. 

Moreover, Drexel’s photography class requirement played a significant role in the Styling class I took at London College of Fashion. After taking photography my perspective about angles and framing really enriched my photography and thus produced quality photos for Styling.

It is no doubt that after taking various Visual Communication classes and classes such as Presentation Techniques at Drexel, all Design and Merchandising students should be comfortable using the Adobe programs and creating great visuals. In fact, our Visuals for Fashion tutor at London College of Fashion specifically asked the class who was from Drexel, because from her experience Drexel students produced outstanding work. For this class, each student designed mood boards and submitted them online. On the projector, our tutor pointed out the mood boards she liked the best and they all happened to all be designed by Drexel students. I am happy that Drexel trained me well and I am proud that we have such a good reputation even on an international basis.

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