Thursday, August 28, 2014

Paris Trip

Since applying to the London College of Fashion study abroad program, I was made aware that it included a five-day trip to Paris.  Paris is a city that I always dreamed about visiting and until the moment I heard “ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Paris” through the broadcast on the train, I realized that I have indeed arrived in France.  The first day in Paris was a very exciting; we went on a relaxing boat tour and saw a good view of the Eiffel tower. I still remember the exact moment when I saw the Eiffel tower in person.  I had just gotten out of the subway station and my tutor was making an announcement so I looked in her direction. When she was finished, she silently pointed opposite her direction and we all turned around. When I saw the Eiffel Tower (only from afar), I was so touched and I almost shed a tear. I have always seen the Eiffel tower in movies, on magazines and postcards, but I never thought I would be able to see it in person. Of course, as a tourist I took numerous pictures of and with the Eiffel tower.  That night my friends and I decided to go to the Eiffel tower, after a complicated subway ride we arrived to the Eiffel tower right when it was sparkling and it was a breathtaking sight.

Another memorable moment in Paris was when I visited the Louis Vuitton Flagship store. I was informed that there was an exhibit on the top floor of the store so I decided to go look at it. As a Louis Vuitton lover, walking through the massive store was like walking through my heaven. The store was like a maze and it took me a while to find the elevator. The elevator doors opened up to a dark black elevator; then a Black man in a black suit comes out and asks if I was going to the exhibit and escorted me into the elevator. The elevator was covered in black velvet/carpet on all dimensions.  I stood in the pitch-black elevator and it was silent for about thirty seconds, I was actually a little bit frightened and confused.

When I arrived to the top floor I was confused as to where the “exhibit” was. The area was empty and around the corner were pieces of newspaper and photographs on the floor. There were also pieces of art hanging on the wall that looked like it was drawn by children. The exhibit was not what I had expected; I expected an exhibit of brilliant designs and amazing artwork. However, the view of the city from the top floor and the elevator experience was worth the trip. On the elevator ride down, I asked the elevator man why the elevator is pitch dark and he said “it is to remove you from the outside world before seeing the exhibit.” I thought that was such a clever concept and design.

On the third day we visited the Louve and I got my typical tourist picture which I am very satisfied with. At the Jardin de Tuileries we were lucky enough to see goats come out and “trim” the grass.

Moreover, at the Musee de L’oragerie I saw Monet’s Water Lilies. I always find it fascinating to see the famous works of art I studied in person. The view from the Basicalls de Sacre Coeur was breathtaking. It is the highest point in Paris and it had the best view; I would say it was the highlight of my Paris trip.

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