Wednesday, August 20, 2014

London College of Fashion

During my time in London, I took eight weeks of classes at London College of Fashion.  I was able to take classes there that I normally would not be able to take at Drexel, like Historical and Contemporary Fashion Research Studies, which was a class where we met up in different areas of London.  It helped me familiarize myself with the city, learn to navigate in unfamiliar areas, and it taught me about what made each area unique.

I also took a few strictly fashion business classes, and although I had already learned the information in previous classes, our tutor presented it in a new way.  It was a different take on fashion business, but it helped me understand it more fully and acted as a supplement to what I came knowing.
The two shorter classes I took, Fashion Media and Visuals for Fashion, were great.  I wish there were more than three class meeting times for each because I haven’t had a lot of experience in either field of study and would have liked to explore the subjects even further. 

There was also a styling course, which I enjoyed a lot.  The class was split up into groups, and we had to set up, style, and shoot three photo shoots.  After each one, we received a critique to help us understand what to focus on to improve for the next one. 

At the end of the term, I was proud of all that I had learned and accomplished.  I was able to manage my time in order to complete all of my projects and still get to truly experience and fall in love with the city of London.

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