Monday, August 25, 2014

Markets in London

Two of my favorite things to do are to eat and shop. I love all different kinds of food and I love trying new things. Before I came to London I looked up the different markets in London that are well known and had good reviews. One of the markets that had great reviews was Borough Market. This is a food market located near the London Bridge. I knew that I had to visit this market to try the amazing food from around the world and experience a London market. I visited Borough market during one of my first weeks in London and fell in love. There is every kind of food you can think of, from every different kind of place in the world. There is Swedish food, Indian food, Spanish food and so many more. When my mom visited me in London, I took her to Borough market and she wanted to spend the whole day there! I have visited Borough Market over 5 times since being in London and have been able to have some of the best food in London and even pick up some groceries. 

Along with Borough Market there are many other markets that combine food and clothing and everything else you can think of. Another well known market is Portobello Market. People travel from all over the UK to visit this market and it is a must see tourist destination. Along with the many stores that are located on Portobello street, every day of the week there are food vendors and clothing and accessory vendors on the street. The best day to go to Portobello Market is on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. On the weekend the market is packed with so many different kinds of food, drinks, desserts, clothing, antiques, accessories, and really anything you can think of. The market extends down the length of Portobello street and you could spend a whole day or even two exploring all of the vendors and the cool things they have to offer. 

Another market I would recommend going to would be Spitalfields market. This market is more of a clothing and present market. I have visited this market many times while being in London as well. This market has vendors from across the UK that have handmade clothing, jewelry, and anything you can think of. I visited Spitalfields to get all of my presents for my family and friends back at home. One of the cool things about Spitalfields is that it is located right in front of Brick Lane. Brick Lane houses some of the best graffiti work in London. The streets are covered in amazing art and behind every corner is a new masterpiece. Also on Brick Lane you can find some of the best Indian food in London. We were brought to Brick Lane as a field trip for one of our classes. We were told to explore the streets and the vintage shops as well as the graffiti and artwork that decorates many of the buildings. They also told us that the best Indian food in London is located on Brick Lane. 

Overall the shopping in London is amazing, but for different and unique handmade goods the markets are the place to go. For the most tasteful and unique foods and drinks inspired from around the world, the markets are the best places in my opinion to eat in London. 
Graffiti on Brick Lane 

Graffiti on Brick Lane 

One side of Spitalfields Market 

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