Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Styling Class- London College of Fashion

During our Fashion Business program at the London College of Fashion one of our classes was a styling course. In this course we were taught by a stylist working in the industry who has worked the names like the Kardashians, and many models and actors and large name magazines. We were also taught by a well known London photographer who has been published in many magazines as well. We had three main projects. Our first project was to style two looks for ourselves and two looks for a partner of a Sports Luxe theme. For my theme we chose to do more of a street style Sports Luxe photo shoot. Below are two looks that I styled, one on myself and one on my partner Evelin.

The second project included us styling ourselves and our partner taking two trends from the Autumn/Winter fashion week and combine the two trends into one photoshoot. I chose the two styles of Red as a Neutral and Oversized Coats. Below are the two photos that I chose.

For our final project we were required to create a 10 page, 10 look spread of a certain theme of our choice. We were in groups of four or five and each person in our group was given a role of model, photographer, stylist, editor, and finding locations. Our theme was 60's reboot and was set as a carnival and fair type of theme. We named our lookbook 2060 to play off of the idea that its the two thousands now and we are bringing back the styles of the 1960's but with a modern and unique twist. Below are two out takes from the shoot. The class overall was my favorite because we were able to take what we were learning and putting it into place and actually showing our skills and what we learned. It was good to have two shoots before our final lookbook because we were able to take the feedback from our first shoots and apply them to our final project and get the best results. It was fun to buy so many outfits and shoot them and edit them. The class was fun and a break from writing papers and reports which was awesome.

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