Thursday, August 13, 2015

This Week In London

So this past week has unfortunately been filled with endless amounts of papers and research. With my upcoming trip to Paris this weekend (I have never been so excited), I have been trying to get my work done ahead of time. With that being said, my free time to explore London has been cut mildly short this week. However, there of course have been some excitement including visiting a winery for my food culture class, riding the London Eye, and ended with today relaxing and getting a fun, at first sketchy, makeover which included mini muffins.

LDN CRU Urban Winery 
Our food culture class, although filled with papers is not too bad as we visited an urban winery during our last class for some wine tasting. Not being the biggest fan of wine, or really red wine for that matter, I was nervous about the whole experience. However,  LDN CRU was amazing. They are one of the only winery's located in London and are located in an empty warehouse. The owners travel every couple of weeks to countries all over the world to make sure they are receiving the best grapes, not a bad job I must say. While the whole experience opened me up to different red wines, I'll still stick with my white... it doesn't stain as much.

London Eye at night 
The school planned a trip for all of us students to visit one of London's top tourist attractions, the London Eye. Definitely not a thrill ride, as it  takes 30 minutes for the Ferris wheel to make a full circle, the London Eye was worth it. They pack you in there pretty tight but the view was so amazing. I am one to prefer the city at night so I snapped the above photo after roaming around the area.

Mini Muffin Heaven
MINI MUFFINS. Love them. Today me and two other girls went to get our hair and makeup done with a photo shoot to follow. Long story short, we were approached by a guy on the street who told us about a deal for a makeover/shoot. While there may have been a couple of red flags, we agreed and went to our appointment today. Luckily for us, and my parents, it was not a scam and we actually had a really fun day at Icon London. The day included mini muffins, tea, Vogue, hair, makeup and photos. London I must say, you are not half bad.

After my trip to Paris this weekend I will be sure to write about it next week. To be expected are all things touristy, macaroons, and baguettes.

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  1. Even though you had a busy week full of work it still seems like you definitely got to do and see a alot! Back when I was in Paris for the first half of the program we had a field trip to a wine tasting as well and I must it was really cool but i'll still stick with my white wine! The London Eye was something I enjoyed also, the views you get were ones you can't see from anywhere else.

    Muffins, make-up and hair sure sounds like a great deal, thats' awesome you guys got to do that! It sure seemed well worth it.

    I hope you had an amazing weekend in Paris, I miss it already!