Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Best and the Worst of Paris

As I mentioned last week, I was able to go to Paris last weekend. Paris has been my dream vacation for as long as I can remember and it was so surreal finally being able to visit. With that here is my post, the best of Paris and the worst of my weekend in Paris.

The Best:

Old Friends | Last September I had an exchange student as a roommate from a school in France. While she left after only 1 quarter in Philadelphia I was able to see her again in Paris. She planned a whole itinerary for the day that was unfortunately cut short due to the rainy, windy weather. Apparently  I chose a bad weekend to go to Paris. However, she walked me around all over the city showing me some major tourist spots like Notre Dame and the love lock bridge and also around smaller neighborhoods with the most amazing cafes. Our day ended at the Eiffel Tower which is right behind her flat.

Tea Tea Tea| I am a huge fan of tea. Green tea, earl grey, breakfast, you name it I love it. The amount of tea I had during one weekend, especially with the weather being rainy, was ridiculous and I was happy every second of it. My favorite little café was located right outside of the Louvre where I was able to sit outside and people watch with a cup of hot tea and a crepe.

The View | On Sunday, my last day in the city, my friends and I had the longest day. Half way through the day we ended up at Sacre Coeur, which was incredible. The view of Paris from the basilica was breathtaking; I didn’t think anything could beat it. However I then took the trip up the Eiffel Tower later that night and was proved wrong as that view was the most incredible. We went while it was still light out and stuck around at the café until the sun went down. Definitely a must do.

The Worst:

Tourists | Now I know that visiting Paris I am considered a tourist as well. But probably like the rest of you, we don’t like to consider ourselves one. Waiting in line with the other tourists, I guess I can say, was definitely a downer of the weekend. I found myself constantly pushing, bobbing and weaving through massive amounts of people who had absolutely no idea what I was saying. Also the amount of times a tourist got into my photos…. thank you Photoshop.

3 Days, Not Long Enough | Paris for three days is way too short. We had to cram in every tourist attraction and barely had any time to go off the beaten path. While of course I loved what we saw, and could probably sit and watch the Eiffel Tower every night, I wish I was given the opportunity to stay longer and live like a true Parisian for a longer period of time. I guess that means I will just have to go back! 

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  1. I had a similar experience of having to cram everything in just a few days in Paris. I'm currently studying abroad in London, but I got to go to Paris for 5 days and our schedule was super jam packed. Although I got to see a lot, I left with a bittersweet feeling knowing that there was a lot more I still hadn't experienced. It was basically like a teaser for me, since I got to visit and see all of the greatest attractions, but I didn't get to fully explore it all for as long as I wanted! I'm definitely planning on coming back to Paris in the future too.