Wednesday, August 5, 2015

London Tourist

Hi everyone! I know I am a day early in this post but I am taking a day trip to Bath tomorrow and don't intend on bringing my computer along. So while I enjoy my day tomorrow I figured I will take today to talk again, on how amazing London is and how I may truly never leave.

This week I finally hit Big Ben and acted like my true tourist self in hogging a phone booth with my friends taking an endless amount of photos... seriously I mean endless. While yes, Big Ben is beautiful, I may never go back to this area due to all of the tourists, however I have enough photos to last me a lifetime. And even more exciting, I was able to wear my favorite Jac Vanek, I hate everyone flannel without being judged because the British do have a wonderful sarcastic sense of humor that the Irish, and even most American's definitely do not have.

When it comes to tourist attractions, usually most of them are must see's. However, my friends and I heard people rave about the Emirates Sky Lift. A ski lift-esque idea of a tube that travels over the city. In theory, how exciting to see London from the sky. In reality, you do not see the scenic parts of London but you actually travel over construction sites... and a river which really can't even be appreciated next to all the dirt. However, after arriving to the other side of the river, there were some amazing little cafes and restaurants that served some of the best wines and the best cheesecakes I have ever tasted. Did the cheesecake make up for the lackluster experience of the skylift? Probably not but I'll take the little things as they come. 

London surprised me this week. By that I mean, I have realized I more enjoy the little hidden treasures of London opposed to the "cool" places all tourists are told to go see. With that being said, I have a whole list of places from Hindu temples, to gardens, to more graffiti tunnels on my list of must sees but of course still have my typical American tourist activities that I must partake in such as, finding Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass, where are you?!), riding the London Eye and last on my list, shopping at Harrods. 

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