Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Time has flown by while in London! This week is our last week of classes at LCF and it is really like finals are upon us. This weekend was the first in a while that we weren’t traveling and almost all of it was spent finishing papers and other projects for our classes.
            My favorite class while in London has been the styling class we have been taking. It has been very hands on planning everything for our shoot including buying all the clothes for it and finding a location. Since class is coming to the end this past Sunday Olivia, my partner, and I had to do our photo shoot. After contacting a couple different venues and not getting positive responses we ended up shooting at the Southbank, which is a public space that has a lot of food trucks and a theater. We were disappointed at first that we had to shoot there but it ended up working better then we had imagined! We love how the pictures turned out so we are really excited to show our class.

            Since we have been in London for a little longer then usual due to not traveling this past weekend we have also had more time to try new restaurants. One of our favorite areas that we have discovered right by our school is Carnaby Street. There are so many different shops and restaurants around the area so we can try something new everyday. For those in the area I recommend Rosa’s Thai food or Cha Cha Moon but really you can’t go wrong with anywhere in the area!

Some of our favorite shots from the shoot!


  1. These look amazing!!! Why didn't I get to do something like this. I'm so jealous of the Fashion school right now. I saw some other shots on Facebook and they look great as well. It seams like this class would be a lot of work, but it sure does look like a lot of fun. Good luck with your finals.

  2. I loved a lot of the pictures that you guys showed in class. My personal favorites were the last two pictures you showed here and the one where Olivia is standing in a bright yellow staircase. Some of the shots you guys took really look like they belong in Vogue and I really want to see the rest of the pictures that Ashley took of Olivia for her shoot too!