Friday, August 14, 2015

Sorry For The Wait

Happy Friday fellow D&Ms!! First off, I would like to apologize for the late post. I have been sick and bedridden for the past week and I have finally gained the strength to peel open my eyes and write this post. Something serious has been going around Mason Place for the past few weeks and my roommates just do not know how to keep their germs to themselves. I learned a new phrase abroad: FOMO (fear of missing out). This week, I missed out on  a lot! So, instead of telling you about all the fabulous things I did this week, which was lie in bed all week, I am going to tell you all the things I wanted to do but missed out on.

1. Cirque Le Soir

All of my friends have been raving about this club whose theme is surrounded by going to the circus. I have seen so many cool pictures this past week of all of my friends surrounded by clowns, little people, street performers, and amazing decor. I am so jealous! 

2. Ride in the London Eye 

I was actually really looking forward to this all summer term! I am really disappointed that my illness took its peak on the night FIE bought us tickets to go ride the London Eye.

3. 4 Hour History of Modern Design Class

Okay. To be honest I'm glad I was sick enough to at least have a break from one four hour long class. A lot of my peers came back to me and told me how deathly boring it was. Some even said I was lucky to be sick. Trust me, whatever I have is a lot worse than attending class; however, I understand where they are coming from.

4. Sushi!

I have been craving sushi since I came abroad! I can't go a week without eating sushi in The States. This was going to be the week I was finally going to go out and get some. Unfortunately, my throat can't handle solid food, so I have been resorting to soup this entire week. I better lose a bunch of weight on this soup, juice, tea, and cough drop diet I've been on!

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