Thursday, August 13, 2015

Eye See you London

A must-do while in London is the London Eye, yesterday I checked that off my list! Through FIE we were given tickets for a specific date and time.  Lately, the weather in London has been so up and down.  One day i'll need to wear a sweater and pants and the next i'll be dressed in full summer attire. However, I do have to say we got extremely lucky with the weather yesterday while we were up in the Eye.  Our tickets were for 7 pm, perfect timing to be able to see the sun just before it sets and the skies were clear. 

From a far, it looks as if the London Eye stays still however, once you get closer you can see just how slowly it moves. I do have to say while I was in it I felt that it was moving a lot faster than it had looked from the outside.  I would say it took about a total of 45 minutes from start to finish. My favorite part, and I'm sure many can agree, was once you hit the top and can get a full 360 view of all of London.  Looking down and seeing Big Ben was a view I will never forget.  There was so much in the distance that I was able to see, most of it I had no idea what exactly I was looking at but the view was still incredible.  

Every day I am constantly reminded just how lucky I am to be able to live in London for 5 weeks and just how much I love this city and yesterday was definitely one of the top reasons.  

My goal is to try to explore a new part of London everyday,  a few days prior I had gone to Camden Market and I would have to say my life was changed.  The atmosphere was definitely very interesting but my favorite part was all the food.  As soon as I laid my eyes on The Mac Factory London I was sold.  It reminded me of Mac Mart back in Philly, they sure came to a close tie.  Both so rich, creamy and just all around greatest mac ever.

Of course once I have something salty it must be accompanied by something sweet so what better way to end my meal with some mini pancakes drizzled with Nutella and topped off with strawberries paired with a homemade cream flavored soda.  The soda places had just opened 2 days prior and has definitely been a big hit. While my soda was being made the owners were telling me a little bit about themselves, turned out they had lived in Boston for 16 years.  Since being in Europe I always love meeting Americans, theres always that little connection you share that is always so nice. Next time anyone is at Camden market I highly recommend these yummy treats!  

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  1. I had so much fun going on the Eye when I went to London with my family. The view is incredible. Everything you tried at Camden Market looks so delicious! I'm a big fan of Mac Mart in Philly, so as a fellow fan, I'm jealous that you found a close comparison in a different country! That must have been fun. Not to mention those pancakes look delicious!