Monday, August 24, 2015

Prague | Tour Guide Edition

After having left Prague three weeks ago, I was dying to go back! Luckily for me, my TopDeck tour had a planned stop in the city for two days. I was like a little kid as we drove through the countryside and into the more urban areas. Instead of staying in a dorm, my new group stayed in a campsite that was easily accessible by the metro.

Despite having a stomach bug during my visit, I managed to be the tour guide for a group of my friends who had never been to the city before. We woke up early and headed straight to the castle and St. Vitus Cathedral. During my stay in Prague, these stops were two of my absolute favorites because they represent the city so well and are absolutely stunning monuments.

Then I took them to the Lennon Wall. This wall is important in Prague as a sign of freedom after the fall of communism. It is colorful and full of energy and everyone from my TopDeck tour seemed to really enjoy it. I finally took a cheesy picture in front of it to commemorate my time in Prague!

Then we walked to one of the cafes I frequently visited. I got a yummy tuna salad. My friends got a whole bunch of different things from fried cheese, to club sandwiches, to pancakes. We also went to this great bakery for caramel cheesecake and vanilla coffee. (Definitely not the best for a stomach bug, but I couldn't pass it up.)

After that we walked around and did some shopping then met up with our whole group for a big family dinner. It was a great day spent in a city that I absolutely adore. I cannot wait to come back and visit one day. Prague, you will be missed. 

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  1. Very cool overview of Prague, its always seemed like a cool place to visit but I never knew exactly what the best things to do were.