Thursday, August 20, 2015

Birthday in Barcelona

On Friday we took a night flight to go to Barcelona for the weekend! I was so excited because in addition to going away for the weekend Saturday was also my birthday. We didn’t get to Barcelona until really late on Friday night so after finding a snack we went to bed so we were ready for the weekend ahead. Saturday morning we got up early so we had time to do everything we wanted. We went to La Sagrada Familia, which was one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever seen. It was incredibly detailed and it isn’t even finished yet. They predict it would be done by about 2026 and was started in the 19th century. After the church we walked to Park Guell, which was created by Gaudi. The mosaic work that is done in the park was so detailed and so beautiful. The park is also at the top of a giant hill so after walking up to the entrance you are rewarded with a beautiful view of all of Barcelona.
Never ones to miss out on trying local food, my friends and I went to a tapas restaurant for dinner. It was such a different way of eating and it was so fun because we were able to try all the different foods that were offered.
On Sunday we had a beach day as we all agreed we were too pale from being in London all summer and were missing one of our favorite parts of summer. The beach was so beautiful and was lined with different restaurants. It was also so different to look back and see the city behind us.

While we all loved Barcelona the one thing that did surprise us was that there were a lot of stores closed. We didn’t know that August is the time that everyone goes on holiday and the city empties out. It was so strange seeing the city half empty and having a lot of stores and restaurants closed. It is so different then in American where people never close their shops because they don’t want to loose the revenue. Never the less, having the city half empty didn’t effect how much we loved Barcelona. Two days was not enough time so I cant wait to go back!
On top of the city at Park Guell!


  1. Your trip to Barcelona seemed like a great one! I plan to go to Barcelona in the beginning of September once the program is over and I can't wait. All the things you did are definitely on my list to do as well. The view in your picture is incredible, I'm really looking forward to seeing it.

  2. What a fun place to be on your birthday! Not like it really matters in Europe, but hopefully it was your 21st so it felt more special than usual.