Wednesday, August 26, 2015

London Haul

I am one of the most frugal people you’ll ever meet. I tend to pick up pennies off the ground, thrift shop, and order the cheapest meal on the menu. I don’t online shop unless there’s free shipping and I’m constantly searching for the best deals by looking for coupons and freebies, especially anything that involves free food. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to enjoy life and splurge on investment pieces every now and then. As a fashion major, I always have an everlasting wish list and as a Philadelphian, it’s impossible to skip the luxury of Restaurant Week. After three whole months of living in London, I’ve had the chance to shop at local flea markets and special retail stores that don’t exist in the States. I’ve racked up on many good finds and have checked off so many things from my wish list that I couldn’t find back at home!


  • White mesh dress $32
  • Liquid eyeliner $10
New Look:

  • Denim overalls $37
  • Marble geometric necklace $8.50
  • Black and white striped socks $2
  • Black frilly socks $1.50

  • Black evening gown $14
  • Floral bellbottom trousers $20
  • White asymmetrical crop top $10
  • White symmetrical crop top $10


  • Grey frilly socks $3
  • Mint frilly socks $3
  • Copper hangers (4 sets of 5) $20

Pull & Bear: “I hated everybody before it was mainstream” crop top $9.50

& Other Stories: White bralette $15.50

Make Up For Ever: Primer $11

Liberty: Gold scissors $16.50

The Welcome Collection - Gift Shop: Black pleather agenda $10.50

Camden Market:

  • Maroon elephant printed tapestry $14
  • Mini dream catcher $10

Brick Lane Market:

  • Holographic glasses $8
  •  “Reading” glasses $13

You can probably tell by now that I have a very monochromatic and minimalistic style. I like sticking to the basics, and I truly believe in quality over quantity. Black will always be my favorite color to wear, but this summer I seemed to start a white palette theme, especially when it came to crop tops. I couldn’t be happier with my back-to-school shopping, and I can’t wait to bring some British street style inspirations back to Philly!


  1. I really enjoyed your blog, I found it very interesting looking at all your great purchases while in London. Being abroad and constantly passing all the stores has been pretty dangerous for me. All I wanna do is shop and explore the stores that we don't necessarily have in America but I was given some great advice before I had left. One of my friends who had studied in London this past Fall said "do not spend your money on shopping, save it for traveling". So far i've been doing pretty well but I must say there are some things that randomly catch your eye that are a must-have and you just have to give in. I'll definitely have to check out some of the stores you had mentioned!

  2. I love this! The entire time I have been abroad I have been very frugal with my spending. And yet, I still find a way to spend all of my money on clothing that I do not need. I just recently found out about boohoo so I definitely need to check out their website. They have ads for it all over London. I also really love how you added Camden Market into your blog post. What is great about that place is that you can always haggle if you don't like the price. Great post Dana. I love it.