Sunday, August 18, 2013

London Calling

Getting from Munich to London took a mere hour and a half hour, but the differences between the two cities was vast and just what I needed! I enjoyed my 4 days in Munich but was ready to take on the big city of London. I especially was ready to leave Germany, due to the language barrier.

I was only able to spend three days in London but within those days packed in what I thought were the most important attractions. I’ll admit, I’m a huge nerd and wanted to do a Harry Potter studio tour but didn’t book it early enough so wasn’t able go to. However, I was able to reach most of the other super tourist sites such as Big Ben, the London Bridge, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, Parliament, Tate Modern Art Museum, and both the Buckingham and Kensington Palaces. All of the sites were what I expected plus more, (Westminster Abbey was beautiful), but I was disappointed to see construction at the front of Kensington Palace. I guess that just means I’ll have to come back again!

Aside from seeing some of the most iconic sites first hand, I enjoyed the shopping in London. On one of the first days we visited the Piccadilly Circus area, which is very similar to Times Square in New York City. The area is packed with tourist shops (like M&M World which we loved!), and also lined with theaters and places to eat. One of my favorite places in London was the Camden area with its many markets and stores. The Camden Market was great for shopping with tons of street vendors and stores nearby, and for a bite to eat Lock Village down the street had food tents of every kind.

Before coming to London I was told that the food wouldn’t be the best but we lucked out and had pretty amazing food for almost each meal. Cheap beers and cheaper food in general was definitely missed, but worth the experience in this great city. Today I’ll be flying back to Philadelphia and will miss adventuring throughout Europe like I have been for the past 6 weeks. On the same token, I can’t wait for my own comfy bed and shower!

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  1. I'm surprised you had so much trouble with the language in Munich. Just about everywhere we went in Berlin there was someone who spoke some English. I've also heard that Camden Market is great for trying food from all over the world, I hope you have some recommendations!