Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I Never Wanna Leave This Place!

This past week has been full of realizations for me. I have realized a lot about myself as well as about London as a city and a fashion capital. I've grown so used to things here that I feel as though it will be hard for me to adjust to life at home and in Philadelphia. I have even gotten over the fact that this country is not too fond of ice and right now I am drinking an "iced caramel latte" that is more like coffee blended with ice and caramel syrup. I have even grown used to using pounds as opposed to dollars and I know that when I get back I'm going to think that everything is so "cheap" because here the conversion rate is 1.5 American dollars equals a pound.

The fashion mecca in the Harrod's bookshop.
A beautiful lit up Harrod's at night.

Over the past week I have felt more at home here than ever before. I have gotten into the mindset that this is where I belong and I know that there is still so much more that I want to do before I leave, I've sort of stopped thinking about the fact that I have to leave here in about a month. Yesterday it really hit me when I went to Harrod's to pick up tote bags with the infamous Harrod's logo on them for my mom as a souveneir. I started thinking that I'm going to have to start accumulating gifts for all my friends and family before I go home. While in Harrod's I stumbled upon the book section and it was absolutely what I needed during my minor freak out about leaving soon. There were books upon books with beautiful people and clothing on the covers. I could have stayed there for hours!
Because the people from the dual city program have just gotten here, they are constantly going out and exploring and really making use of their first weeks here whereas I feel like I've seen all of those kind of touristy things already and I want to do local things. If you've seen the show Made in Chelsea, you would know what I'm talking about. I feel so privileged to be living in the Royal Burough of South Kensington and I want more than anything to go to all of the exclusive restaurants and clubs to really get a taste of what these young socialites do. I know that this is totally out of my reach especially because I am here to study, but a girl can dream!
The Royal Burough of Kensington and Chelsea-where I call home!
My friend Maureen-So happy about the rain!
My two new classes that started last week entail a lot more work and reading than the first two that I took here. We already have tests starting next week! Last week we went to Burough Market with our food class and were able to sample many different foods. I got a delicious salad dish that I can't even explain what was in it. I know there were lentils and yogurt sauce but other than that I just know it was something different that I would not ordinarily eat. I have really pushed my comfort zone while I've been here, too. On Monday, our teacher handed out blood pudding to try, although I am not brave enough to try that yet, I did try other things such as cockels and unpasteurized cheese. I have learned so much more about food in these past two weeks than I thought I could learn. Sure, I enjoy eating, but I consider myself far from a "foodie." I'll eat food and if I like it then great but if not I don't care to know about it; however I have learned much about preparation and ingredients that do make all the difference in food and how it tastes.
On Monday it rained and I have never been happier to see the rain. I sat on our porch with a cup of tea and even went into the street at one point just to enjoy the raindrops falling on me. It's a funny thing to think of London as a sunny place but it has been and I think that everyone was happy to see a little rainfall.

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  1. I am glad you are loving London! I know it is crazy to imagine the ending of your program; I am already back in the US, it all just flew by! However, it is great that you are trying to push your comfort zone and trying new things because you are really trying to experience the culture! I hope you enjoy the rest of your time and that your classes are going well.