Wednesday, August 21, 2013

During my time here, my classes required me to go to supermarkets and street markets. We watch multiple videos about how supermarkets are trying to cater to the british people. Since most people find that the Great Britain don’t have much of a selection of cultural foods. Why is that? The British have adapted to this American mentally of “time is money.” As we know that all these cheap fast fashion and food places have been popping up all throughout the United States. Here in London there are as much as take-away places as New York. It is sad that there aren’t unique places to try British food. There are more cultural food to try here. When going to Prague over the weekend there was a familiar supermarket, which was Tesco’s Department store. It was one of the largest stores within the city. Compared to London, Tesco is plastered everywhere. Aside from Tesco, the other supermarkets that dominate the UK are: Sainsbury, Asda, and Waitrose. 
tescoAside from looking at supermarkets,  we went a well know market in London, which was Camden Market. It is a mixture of the jersey shore shops and unique food. There are t-shirts to jewelry, but also crazy food combination. The day I went to Camden Market I ate a  springbok burger, which is a african antelope. Surprisingly it tasted like a buttery burger without a gamey aftertaste. Even though the jersey shore merchandise doesn’t sound that appealing, but there are some stands that have handmade work which is really nice. When going to London, I would highly recommend this market. 

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