Thursday, August 1, 2013

Food to Czech Out

As a self proclaimed foodie, I have really been enjoying the opportunity to eat out every day and try new food. While, of course, I miss some of the comfort food of home, I have generally liked all of the food here.

Starting with breakfast, our program includes breakfast served by the dorm. It is definitely not an elaborate spread, but it does the job. They serve some odd things that we are not used to seeing so early in the day, such as hot dogs, lunch meat, and chocolate cake. I'm not one to eat a large breakfast normally, so I just grab a coffee and roll and I'm good to go!

Looking onto lunch, Czechs generally eat a large lunch and then a smaller dinner. I have found it easier than some to adjust to this change because even at home I will often have a large lunch.  A common food to find on menus is goat cheese. Loving goat cheese myself, I've had a lot of it. One of my favorites was at Cafe Louvre, which is pictured on the left. Cafe Louvre is also known for their hot chocolate, which is so thick that it's pretty much just a cup of melted chocolate.

Another good lunchtime spot is Cafe Atmosphere. Right down the street from our classroom building, with a cute courtyard to eat in, Cafe Atmosphere is definitely one of my favorites. I've had the goat cheese baguette sandwich (twice), and it is quite good. I've also tried a risotto dish that was very large but very satisfying as well.

For dinner, a common dish in the Czech lands is fried cheese. Yes, it is exactly what you'd think--but better. A good place to get this entree is at the pub right across the street from our dorm. They serve three large pieces for a great price.

No matter what meal you are eating, pivo (beer) is the beverage of choice in the Czech lands. Beer is a big part of the Czech culture and even when they say Cheers (Na zdravi) it translates into "to your health" because they believe beer is good for you. It is also the beverage I chose often, not only because it is very good, but because it is cheaper than water. Generally it is about 20 czk for a glass of beer, which is just one USD, when water can be up to $7. A few common ones are Pilsner, Staropramen, Gambrinus, or Budvar.

Lastly, a meal wouldn't be complete without zmrzlina (ice cream). Since I'm pretty sure I qualify as an ice cream addict, I love the fact that you can get a scoop of ice cream on a cone for just 20 czk. It's perfect for dessert after a meal or as a refreshing snack between classes.  

Hope everyone is enjoying their food experiences, too!

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  1. Hey Sam! I loved reading this post, as I am a big foodie too! I really had no idea what Czech food was like, so I found this really interesting. I also love goat cheese, and now have yet another reason to visit Prague. If you get the chance to go to Italy, most of the food here is amazing and I hope you love it just as much!