Sunday, August 4, 2013


This weekend was my last weekend abroad.  We had no program trips scheduled so I traveled to Amsterdam for two days with eight other students.  We had an amazing weekend and we are thoroughly exhausted from our travels! It is a funny feeling getting back to Prague because I feel as if I am coming home.  I will actually be arriving to my real home on Thursday evening, but I guess Prague will do for now! ;)

On Saturday, we arrived in Amsterdam fairly early in the morning.  We went straight to the Anne Frank House to get our spot in line.  We waited for about an hour to get in but it was worth it.  The house was packed with objects, records, and photos from Anne Frank's well-known story.  It was a must-see for us!

Our early morning wait at the Vaclav Havel Airport!

Coincidentally, it was Gay Pride Week in Amsterdam and Saturday hosted the Canal Boat Float Parade.  The Gay Pride Week events were taking over the city and we were happy to enjoy the celebrations.  After the parade, we checked in to our hotels, had dinner, and made plans for the night.  A couple of us decided to take a tour of the Red Light District while others opted to enjoy the celebratory atmosphere.  The tour of the Red Light District was easily one of my favorite things that I have done so far.  It was very informative and obviously provocative.  We learned a lot about the history of prostitution in Amsterdam and about sex workers in general.  I will admit, it was very different from any other tour I have ever taken, but I am very happy that I did it.

A busy street in the Red Light District.

On Sunday, we went to the Van Gogh Museum as soon as it opened.  On our way out we saw that we made a good decision to go early as there was a line wrapping around the corner to get in.  Needless to say, the museum was great.  I personally enjoyed seeing the paintings that I learned about in my art history classes at Drexel.

Standing in front of one of my favorite pieces at the Van Gogh Museum.

We dedicated the rest of our day to wandering around the city, looking in stores, and enjoying the weather.  We headed back to the airport around 5:00pm (or 17:00 if you are in Europe) and made our way back to Prague.  I only have a couple of days left so I will be trying to make them count!

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  1. Hey Josie - this looks like a really fun weekend! I would've loved to be able to get to Amsterdam, but didn't have the time and Italy is a bit far. So glad you could have this unique experience!