Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Homeward Bound

It is officially the last day of my study abroad in Prague!  I have been abroad for a total of 30 days and it seems unreal that it is already over!  I finished my classes on Monday and then presented my final projects on Tuesday.  I really enjoyed both of the courses I took, photography and art history.  My teachers were absolutely great and I was so lucky to have the opportunity to take their classes.

One of my classmates in our Photography class!

Today, several of us on the program took the tram down to the river where we relaxed on the “beach”.  The Czech Republic is a landlocked country but one of its notorious features is its access to the Vltava River.  Charles Bridge, one of the most popular tourist sites in Prague, crosses this river.  The “beach” was more like a grassy, sandy area that has a dock you can jump off of.  There are also a variety of things to do there such as play volleyball, rent long boards, and grab a bite to eat.  It was a day of relaxing with friends, a nice contrast to our usual “go, go, go” mentality.  Also, the ability to cool down in the river during Prague’s record-breaking weather was refreshing.

The Vltava River from the beach!

Right now I am headed out to our closing party!  The faculty, staff, and the students will all be in attendance to look back on some of our experiences and enjoy each other’s company for the last time in Prague.  I am really excited to see what they have planned for us at this celebration, but I am not looking forward to saying goodbye!

Lindsay, Giuliana and I enjoying the sights earlier in our trip!

Some students on this study abroad trip will be staying in Europe to travel and explore for a longer period of time while others are heading home.  I will be heading back to JFK Airport around 1:30pm (Czech time…which should actually be 13:30).  I know that there are several Drexel students on this flight so it should be a pleasant ride home.

I will post one more time when I get back to the states!

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