Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Czeched Out Praha and Back Home

Hello everyone!

I have been home for a few days now and it is hard to believe that I am no longer in Prague. It seems but a dream that I was there for an entire month experiencing a different culture and learning about a foreign country. Now though I am still fighting jet-lag, ready for sleep by 6 pm and ready to wake up at 6 am. Closer to normal, I guess?

Home Sweet Home
My flight home was not too bad. I went through customs fairly quickly and grabbed my luggage. On my way out, I saw my mom and sister and the kids she babysits waiting for me with a big sign! It was so exciting to see them. I really was happy to be with my family. The rest of the day flew by and I ended up sleeping 11 hours straight that night! I am usually an 8 hour sleeper or less. But it was nice to wake up at home and be greeted by my dogs. I even got to see my boyfriend this past weekend after not seeing him for five weeks! It is crazy how much you can miss people in just a month. Which makes it seem strange to not be in Prague and to not be six hours ahead of everyone at home.
Sam and I experiencing Czech Art, David Cerny's Babies.

The UNO Prague Summer Seminar was an incredible experience that I will never forget. I met great people and walked around a city that resembled a fairytale land. One night, I remember we walked along the Vltava River-- the river that runs through Prague-- and looked up towards the castle. It was lit up beautifully against the dark sky. That memory will forever be in my mind. I also learned so much. I feel so much more confident about architecture styles, Art Nouveau, Cubism, and various other art styles that I got to explore in the Czech Republic.

I will be forever grateful for this experience and I sincerely thank all those who made this possible for me and all those who made the experience so incredible!

My last blog post will be my personal list of the top ten things to do in Prague!


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  1. It's crazy to think that you are already back in Philly! I remember when you guys weren't even in Prague yet and now you're back! I have three more weeks in London, but seeing how the past seven have gone by so quickly I know that these next three will do the same. I hope you don't miss Prague too much, yet! You definitely had an amazing experience, but I'm sure you are very happy to be home :)