Friday, August 2, 2013

Hit the Ground Running

knkskdskI just arrived in London! It still a little hard to adjust to life here. I miss the city of Dublin and all the memories I had with the great people I met there. Sadly enough, I’m still drinking Irish beers to cope with missing Ireland (haha). Eventually, I’ll find another beer to replace the Irish Beers. The funny thing is it is hard to concentrate on Britain’s history because I have a strong historical opinion now based on learning about American History and Irish History. The place I am located is in South Kensington, which is one of the wealthy’s parts of London. The reason behind this part of town being so affluent is due to the global centre’s (which include embassy’s). Below is a picture of some of the street artifacts I see on a daily basis on every corner.
998564_10201546837210211_1817273119_nSome of the touristy places I was able to go in a week’s span are: Hyde Park, Borough Food Market, and Piccadilly Circus. In the park the Dublin group and I had a mini picnic in Hyde Park, which is the central park of London. On the days that weren’t raining, I actually ran in the park. In my society and culture class we ventured to the London Bridge/Tower Bridge area to go to an outdoor market, which was so diverse and exciting! There were all sorts of fresh food to buy and try! I’m definitely going to back to this market and try all the other markets in London. Lastly, the program bought us tickets to see this Hitchcock play called 39 Steps in the “Times Square” of London. The play was interesting and in a beautiful venue (Click Here).
ksdkmsdnjdjncjsdncsA few weeks prior to departing to London, I took a weekend trip to Barcelona. I went to some of Eusebi Güell exhibits in Barcelona, which included: La Sagrada Familia and Park Güell. Both places are extremely beautiful, and I would love to visit again! Aside from seeing more artsy things, I also went to the beach. The beach is a pebble beach compared to the sandy beaches we are used to in the USA. Lastly, the food was so fresh and vibrant. It was a big change from cuisine in Ireland.


  1. I'm super jealous of your trip to Barcelona. From what I hear it's a great city. I'm particularly jealous of you going to the beach too, being landlocked in Prague isn't my favorite at times. The La Sagrada Familia church looks amazing!

  2. I hope you will have an easier time adjusting to the British world. I am sure it can be difficult to go from Ireland to England. But it sounds like a great experience in London and your trip to Barcelona sounds awesome! I will have to put all three of these places on my list!

  3. I would definitely recommend going to Barcelona for a weekend! Even though I went to the beach I didn't get much of a tan because I was running around exploring the city. The food, the beach, and the art scene is awesome! I actually went to the Picasso Museum and saw fellow Drexel students. La Sagrada Familia isn't actually finished, but you should go! Aside from going there, Dublin and London are great places to go because they are two major cities that speak english as the major language.

  4. I know how you feel! Moving from country to country is hard, especially when you spend so much time in one and are used to the way everything works. When we take weekend trips or short visits to other countries and cities I always find it comforting to come back to Prague. It kind of feels like home now! Good luck in London! Sounds like a lot of fun!