Saturday, July 13, 2013

Week One

Dobry Den!

After two days of travel and almost 40 hours without sleep, I’ve arrived in Prague and am finally (mostly) adjusted. I love this city and everyday just keeps getting better. The first full day here started with orientation and an intro to the program. Following that we went on a walking tour of the city with an amazing tour guide, Milos, who was able to show us some great things that are a little off the beaten path. One of my favorite things he took us to was a fireman's hat to honor the firefighters in 9/11. We also walked over Charles Bridge and stopped by the Lennon wall to snap some pics (see below). The city is gorgeous and every time we venture out we find something new to see.


Classes are pretty enjoyable thus far. We’ve had two class days. I’m in a History of Prague course, taught by a Czech, which is very interesting, and an Art History course. I’m glad I was able to get into two classes that will be utilizing the fact we are in this beautiful city to promote learning. Both classes have planned excursions that will allow us to see what we are learning about.

There is a 3+ hour break between my morning and afternoon class, which is the time we utilize being in the city. The first day of class, last Thursday, we went to the Salvador Dali museum. This was a really fun and impromptu way to spend our break. After the visit we walked around Old Town Square, had lunch, and explored.

Excited to enjoy the first weekend and all that is planned! Hope everyone is enjoying their travels!


  1. How is your history class? I have spoken to the teacher a couple of times and know that he is a great person. I wish I was able to take his class too as it seems like it will be very interesting. It sounds like most of the classes involve being out in the city. Our Art & Design class is very interactive and we will be attending galleries a lot. Also, my photography class gives me an opportunity to really make use of the amazing views in Prague. I hope your next week goes as well as this week did! See you soon!

  2. The history class is actually really interesting! Pavel is so nice and makes it very enjoyable. He compares events to American history, which helps give us perspective. It was nice having the pre-course before the trip too as an overview of their history. Hope you're classes are good too!