Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Five Steps to a Happy Day in Prague


I have successfully gotten through more than a week of the Prague Summer Seminar! It is crazy how fast it is all going by.  Prague is a really easy city to get used to and the metro is pretty simple for appearing so complicated.

I have discovered there are things that need to be accomplished right away when visiting Prague! (I plan on making a top ten or so list when my trip is finished!)

First things first, get your money converted into crowns! You will feel rich when you exchange your money and get 19 crowns for a single US dollar. Most meals cost between 80 kc and 150 kc, so make sure you have enough! Understanding the conversion rate is pretty simple, just round up to 20— for example, if something costs 150 crowns, you move the decimal in to 15.0 and then divide by 2 and that is the cost approximated in American money: $7.50.

Second, and probably most importantly, you need to learn the metro. It is not complicated at all. There are three basic lines: the green line, the yellow line, and the red line. The metro can basically take you anywhere you need to go! All public transportation is really easy to figure out as long as you know what stops you need to get off.

Jan Huss monument in Old Town Square
Third, you need to visit Old Town Square. In Old Town Square, you will see the monument of Jan Huss and thousands of people. There is the clock tower there too that is home to the Astronomical Clock. This clock was made in the 1400s and it still works! It goes off every hour and it attracts hundreds of tourists. It is definitely a stop to see at least once! (Although, I have stopped and watched it multiple times so far!)

This tall arch is the entrance to the Charles Bridge: Karluv Most
Fourth, I think it is important to go to the Charles Bridge. It is impossible to miss and you will certainly be one of the hundreds of tourists on the bridge. The bridge was built by King Charles IV and has many statues along it. It is an awesome place to watch street performers and view the Vltava River.

View of New Town Square-- that large Neo-Renaissance building is the National Museum
Fifth, and the last immediate destination, check out New Town Square on Narodni. Here you will see the giant National Museum building and a clear view of shops, restaurants you may want to visit or just to walk through. I do recommend just walking from the museum down to Old Town Square.

These are five things that I think you should do when you get to Prague… yes, all within the first day! If you are planning on staying for a few days, don’t worry I will later give you a list of all the sites I 
recommend to visit.

But for now, I hope you all have a great week!

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  1. Victoria this is a really cool idea for a post! I wish I was able to make it to Prague, but I definitely plan on visiting in the future. The Charles Bridge looks beautiful and a site that cannot be missed.