Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 1


My name is Elizabeth James and I'll be writing about my journey in the Czech Republic (plus a few other countries!) for the next 5 weeks. While abroad I'll be studying architecture, film, and music. Prior to leaving for Prague I took a crash course with the about 29 other Drexel students learning about the language and culture of the city. While in Prague I will be exploring the vibrant culture and history it has to offer, and of course bringing these experiences to you!

Prague was the ideal city to study abroad in due to its rich background in the arts, music, and architecture. This city has been in existence for approximately 1,000 years, making it plentiful in history and folklore. While spending time in Prague and the surrounding countries, I hope to gain a wealth of knowledge regarding the culture and history. In addition, I hope to use my experiences as inspiration into my future. 

Today I set foot on Czech lands after about 24 hours of travelling and I'll admit, I'm kind of exhausted. One of the first things I've learned thus far is the amount of patience it takes travelling, and that you should never expect things to go as planned. Due to storming in New York, our flight departed 2 hours late making our transfer unobtainable. London's Heathrow Airport put up a fight for us while going through security, and we experienced culture shock upon arriving in Vaclav Havel Airport to realize we could read little to none of the Czech signs (uh-oh). After a long nights rest and orientation tomorrow, I'll be ready to dive into the many adventures we have before us in the Czech Republic. Goodnight!

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