Monday, July 1, 2013

The Final Countdown

Ahoj! (Hello in Czech)

It is finally the week before I leave for Prague! It is hard to believe that in one week, I will be getting on an airplane and flying to Europe.

I have actually never been to Europe before-- or for that matter, out of the United States. This will be my first experience in another country. I definitely am a little anxious about it: both excited and nervous! Luckily, though, I am going with a decently large group of people and a lot of other D&Ms--other design and merchandising majors, for those who do not know. I am a design and merchandising major myself and a junior here at Drexel.

The three week pre-trip course that I am currently taking has already been very helpful in preparing us for the month long trip to the Czech Republic. We have learned important words and phrases in Czech and learned a lot about their history. I could not imagine going without even knowing a single Czech word. The teacher, Kathy, has a lot of knowledge about the Czech Republic and its people and history. It is great that she can relay so much information to us in just three weeks.

I know that I will still experience culture shock when I get there, but I am looking forward to all the fun and incredibility of the entire trip. Especially because I will be studying Art History and History abroad; which means I will definitely get to see some beautiful things.

My activities right now include packing and ensuring I do not leave any loose ends before I leave for a month. As of right now, I need to pick up outlet converters, but that's basically all I have left to do.

Please feel free to follow my journey to Prague and back! I will post pictures and blog about my trip in Prague.

Na schledanou,


  1. I think it great that Drexel has a pre-trip course for this program. Right now, I'm in Dublin and I wish I had a little more background about some of the do's and don'ts! But I guess in my case it is meant to be learned as I am here in a dominant english speaking country. I just came back from a weekend trip to Northern Ireland, which is part of UK. People from N. Ireland seem to slur their words, and it was so hard to understand them! Study up! It will pay off in the end. My experience so far is AMAZING, so I know you will too!

  2. Thanks for the advice, Shannon! I am really glad we got some time with the language and culture, too. But I do think since you will be abroad much longer that you probably will learn a lot by experience. I hope you have a great trip and I look forward to following your trip!