Thursday, July 18, 2013

Scavenger Hunt--Prague Style

This past Sunday the majority of our program participated in a city wide scavenger hunt! The hunt began in our dorms where we were given a list of things to complete as well as a Czech student to accompany us. After some brief strategizing and deciding on a team name (The Chocolate Queens), we were let loose onto the city. We all sprinted out of the dorm in hopes of beating the other groups to the metro.

First stop was the Wallenstein Gardens were there is a huge wall of dripstone rock where many hidden faces and creatures can be found in the rock. We were awarded 1,000 points per face that we could find. The most found was 20 some....

Next up was a performance on Charles Bridge where we met one of the program directors who recorded us. We got more points for creativity so we decided to do the Polka. No one in our group actually knew how to Polka so this was not our strongest stop. We definitely got some looks from other tourists on the bridge but it was worth the laugh. 

Following the performance we headed over to the Dead Horse sculpture by David Cerny, who is a famous Czech sculptor with work all around the city. To get creative for this shot, we did piggy back rides to mimic horse riding and all looked up to the statue with our tongues out. (The horse has his tongue hanging out) This picture is probably my favorite of the day. 

After the Dead Horse, the search for the "Falling Man" began. This is a sculpture that hangs off the side of a building as if he is about to fall, hence the name. Many people miss this installation because it is so high up and on a very small road. We luckily found it pretty quickly though! Again, creativity points were up for grabs so we decided to have one group member, Patrick, pretend to be holding the "Falling Man", about to drop him, as the rest of us stood under the man, ready to catch him. 

After this, off to Old Town Square we went! There is a large sculpture in the center of the square with writing on each side (in Czech, respectively). We had to copy down this text as accurately as possible. This proved to be somewhat challenging when "v" and "u" were hard to distinguish and some letters had unexpected accents. 

Finally we had completed all of the stops and just had to head to the meeting point. We had to meet at a place called "Beer Gardens" on the top of a large hill. For some reason, my group ended up being the only group to climb the front of the hill, which had what seemed like a million steps. Although, after we got to the top the view was unbelievable. 

When we got to the gardens, there was already one group waiting. So we came in 2nd out of 6, not too shabby. But after the points were calculated we did not win. (They didn't tell us any runner ups) The day was extremely fun though! Our competitive spirit and desire to navigate the city successfully made the experience one to remember. 

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  1. This scavenger hunt was so much fun! Some of the location we had seen before, like the David Cerny statue of King Wenceslas, but I don't think I would have found the Hanging Man or Stalin Square if I had gone out on my own. I think our team did a great job too!