Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cead Mile Failte!

Cead Mile Failte! This Irish term means a "Hundred Thousand Welcomes." Every encounter with Dubliners or Jackeens had used this phrase. Aside from being bombarded by that phrase, "Thanks a million" was another. The locals were surprisingly excited to talk to us "Americans." Our professors told us it is because they are as crazy about president Obama as we are. They apparently didn't like us during the reign of George W. Bush.  

This is the view from the apartment I am staying at for the first week in Dublin, Ireland! It may be on top of bars, but it so close to everything in this city! 
Just like every major city around the world there are designated fashion and shopping streets. The first day, we had to buy our own bedding and toiletries. Our program directors walked us throughout the city centre where we are living, and pointed out the major shopping areas which are: Stephen Greene's, Grafton Street, and Henry Street.  I wish Philly had more designated shopping areas I wanted to explore.
After a few days of being here, I'm excited to live, explore, and learn more about this city & country! Hoping for the best, but looks like I'm going to have an awesome time here. Cheers!......................


  1. I've been surprised to hear many natives speaking in English here too (Czech Republic). After talking to our Czech buddies it made sense to me although. In the Czech Republic children take English classes beginning in 5th grade and speak either German or Czech in addition to the English. Our Czech buddies have been excited to talk to us to work on the language, while learning about our culture. I didn't expect it either!

  2. I completely agree with both of you! The locals are extremely excited to speak with Americans. A couple of them have told me that they work hard on their English and are proud of their ability to communicate with the native speakers of the U.S. It makes me feel a little selfish because I am not fluent in another language and have only taken Spanish in High School. Most Czechs, at least the ones in the main areas in Prague, speak multiple languages and have been to a ton of different countries. Their experiences inspire me to become more cultured and adventurous in the future.