Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ath Cliath

Ath Cliath, is the Irish term for Dublin. On Sunday the group and I were able to get tickets to see the Dublin vs. Galway Hurling Match. Hurling is a very interesting sport, in my eyes it honestly look like a Harry Potter Quidditch Match! Others in my group said it is a combination of lacrosse, baseball, and American football.  The ball is awfully small just like the snitch in Harry Potter.  The teams can gain points by scoring two different ways (below is an image of the goal): the top portion of the goal looks like football posts and a lacrosse net. The top portion is only worth 1 point, and the bottom is worth 3 points. Here is a video of part of the match (Click Here).

Aside from going to this crazy sporting event we were given tickets to see Riverdance. This production of Riverdance is seen all over the world. When seeing the broadway show phenomena, Riverdance at the Gaiety Theater my perspective of river dancing has changed. The costumes and music solos made me focus on these important aspects of this dance. The comparisons between jazz dancing and flamenco dancing was key to allow the audience to differentiate all these similar tap dancing styles. I believed river dancing was a tap dancing in a chorus line, but in some of the performances it was sometimes portrayed as that way. To learn more about Riverdance (Click Here).

This may be my last weekend in Dublin, but it was a great experience! I'm surprised in myself of how many places I've gone in Ireland. This is a trip I will not forget. Not stop LONDON! Slán go fóill (Goodbye in Irish). 

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  1. I'm glad you loved Ireland! I am sure you will enjoy London too! I think that is really funny that the sport looked like a Quidditch match. But the Riverdance production sounds very intriguing. Good luck in London!