Monday, July 28, 2014

Tips for Parisian Living


• Most Places take Credit Cards, our school suggestions not carrying a lot of cash
• Most Cabs only take cash, have cash for your way home at night, Metro does not stay open late
•Uber is also available in Paris if you want/need to use a credit card
•Most restaurants offer wifi, so always ask! they pronounce it "wee - fee"
• It might make sense to get a monthly metro pass if you must use the metro to get to class, especially because my classes required us to take the metro for daily field trips
•Make meals at home to save money
•When traveling via train from Paris to London leave enough time because you will be required to go through customs! we missed our train, luckily there was no fee to be put on the next train
•Don't rush to get food before getting on trains to travel, the wraps and sandwiches are pretty delicious in the dining car
•Don't over tip, tipping is not as necessary in Europe
•Bring clothes that are nice for class, especially if you are in the luxury program, they except you to look nice
•I can't stress comfortable walking shoes, you definitely walk A LOT
•I handbag that zippers fully is also very useful, that way you do not have anxiety about getting things stolen when in the metro
•July is sale season in France. "Soldes" means sales, and even every high end designer has items on sale
•Start seeing all the tourist sites you want to see early on, don't put it off, your time goes by so quickly!

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