Monday, July 28, 2014

Gab: From Lucca to Paris

When my family vacation came to an end, Amanda, another D&M student, and my big in my sorority arrived in Italia so that we could make the journey to Paris together. We had trains scheduled to travel from Lucca to Florence, Florence to Milan, Milan to Geneva, Switzerland, and then finally Geneva to Paris. We decided it was best if we stayed two nights in Geneva, Switzerland in order to break up the trip.

The train ride into Geneva, Switzerland was beautiful, the desire to sleep quickly subsided as the view passed by outside the window of the train. Arrival in Geneva came quickly, and we lugged our stuff into a cab and in minutes arrived at our hotel. Ready to explore, we walked outside and realized we were only steps away from Lake Geneva. The restaurants and hotels were beautiful but came at an expensive price, even considering the Swiss Frank is a better conversion rate than the Euro or British Pound. We found a restaurant a little further in from Lake Geneva and quickly sat outside and order fondue, which was absolutely incredible. 

Later that night we experienced some nightlife in Geneva which again was very expensive, with many wealthy people around the world, of course wearing all the best Swiss Watch brands. Therefore, Geneva was definitely an experience but not my favorite place in Europe

As Sunday came to a close we traveled back to the Geneva train station and started northward to Paris. Amanda and I were so thankful to finally be able to unpack our bags and call a place home. Arrival at the train station meant grabbing a cab and being dropped at 23 Rue Ouidnot in the 7th Arrondissement, which honestly feels like home. The 7th Arrondissement is one of the more wealthy areas in Paris and home to many families. The location was perfect and was an amazing place to get adjusted to living in Paris for a month. 

Photo of our Street, 23 Rue Oudinot  

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