Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Luxury Class in Paris- Cosmetic Innovation by L'Oreal

            We were asked to look at Product innovation in the cosmetic luxury world. L’Oreal is one of the leading groups in the cosmetic world, therefore I explored a new product and application called Makeup Genius.The application, Makeup Genius, was invented by L’Oreal to maximize the promotion for its products by offering customer a virtual experience on mobile. This creative invention provides solid benefits for both the customer and the company. The application saves time and energy with joyful shopping experience in terms of the customer’s perspective. Makeup Genius is the mobile application that people can easily access regardless of time and place. Therefore, the customers who do not want to get changed or leave home to shopping or have a busy working schedule can simply enjoy the virtual yet creative experience presented by the L’Oreal. Moreover, it simplifies the tiresome shopping process for makeup stuffs by eliminating the needs to remove makeup on either face or hands after trying only a few makeup stuffs. Also, the customers do no need to feel as if they were pressured to purchase at least an item after receiving a salesperson’s help in store. The last yet the most creative benefit of this application is that it can be personalized on behalf of the customer’s wish – customers can mix and match the wide range of colors presented by L’Oreal on the application.
            The packaging of this application is simple yet coherent to imply its message. The name is surrounded by harmony of different colors from red to black offered by the makeup products from L’Oreal. Also, the name, Makeup Genius, itself is also explanatory because the application is performing a genius work by recognizing different face shapes, eyelids, cheeks and lips of each customer and provides the best virtual makeup experience ever. This simply shows that it is smart application for smart customers especially the ones who value time and sensitive with changing trends. To add on, this innovative product or application makes the customer and brands communication feasible. By having the customers trying new or existing products at L’Oreal, the brand can keep their customers while expanding and reaching out to the new customers. This innovation can builds and enhances the relationship between customer and brand by improving the comfort shopping process for customers while saving the company’s budget on a payment to its workers. The merchandising process within this application is also unique because this application displays only the products form L’Oreal and thus can easily attract customers with more chances to appeal with more range of products on hand.
            To sum up, this genius application can be considered the best communication method a brand can take due to the current technology implementation while eliminating the unique uncomfortable makeup shopping process for customers. Such creative invention can not only enhances the relationship with the brand’s customers, but also improves the brand’s public reputation and recognition.

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