Monday, July 28, 2014

Gab: Luxury Management, Marketing, and Branding in Paris

Luxury Classes in Paris

The school I attended in Paris is called ESCE, which is an international Business School. I attended the luxury program which outlined really anything and everything within the luxury world. My teacher, Mr. Pour, has previously worked for the LVMH group, Louis Vuitton Monet Hennessy, therefore being very knowledgeable in the field. Every morning we attended class in the classroom and has many different people come and speak. Each speaker was very educated in their specific field. For example we had a man from the luxury hotel industry speak about hospitality and Media lecture from the head of media at Christian Dior Haute Couture. Overall I learned a great deal during my classes about the luxury world.

Each afternoon we traveled around the City of Paris to see many districts and other places that strongly embodied the luxury world of Paris and France in General. I will list places below and show photos of some of the places visited

Le Bon Marche
Louis Vuitton Flagship Store
Champs Elysee
Fragonard Perfume Musuem
Galeries Lafayette
Concept Stores
Baccarat Crystal Room

The Baccarat Crystal Room holds number one on my favorite class visits. It is a beautiful musuem and offers a great deal of history. We even learned the Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel herself was in the ballroom of the building because it was owned by, and is still owned by the ancestors of, a wealthy Parisian socialite whom was friends with Chanel.

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